LENSTAR®Plus lenticular resin will offer superior product performance over other products being

currently used in the industry.

LENSTAR®Plus represents a polymer technology the printers can use to achieve their sustainable goals. LENSTAR®Plus carries the #1 resin identification code, which can be used to drive sustainable practices.


LENSTAR®Plus information:
Features Benefits
Exceptionally Clear Near Optical Clarity
Chemical Resistant No Pre-Treatment for Printing
BPA and Chlorine Free Die Cutting Ease
Easily Recyclable (Resin ID Code #1) Fast Cycle Times
Exceptional Toughness Minimal Trim Dust
Great Impact Resistance Less Cracking
Excellent Ink Adhesion Stable Through Press
Scrap Can Be Recycled


Lenstar Plus Lenticular resin Comparison

lenticular products sheets & rolls

See the difference : comparison betwen Lenstar and Apet


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