Digital & Small quantities

Digital printing and Small Quantities

lenticular flatbed printingMore and more printing companies are using large format flatbed printers.

The resolution is getting higher and the dot size smaller which brings more interest for lenticular printing. People who are not using a flatbed printer will be highly interested in our new Crystal Clear Mount Double Side Adhesive Film.

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DP Lenticular products for your digital printer

lenticular sheets proposed by DPLenticular Ltd for large format  digital printing
Lenticular Lens design Viewing Angle Thickness Application
50 LPI-Motion Lenstar Plus 54° 610 µ Motion order  
62 LPI Lenstar Plus 44° 685 µ 3D + Motion order 
3D-50LPI Lenstar Plus 41° 864 µ 3D order
40 LPI Lenstar Plus 49° 838 µ 3D + Motion order 
3D 28 LPI UV-MF 37° 2.15 mm 3D Medium Format order 
3D 20 LPI UV-LF 37° 3 mm 3D Large Format order 
Motion 20 LPI UV-LF 54° 1.95 mm Motion Large Format order 


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If you need a product or a size that is not listed, just let us know. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need other products.


We do not have any stock  in Austria anymore. The small quantities and the large format lenses are shipped and delivered much faster from Dublin.3D 28, 3D 20LPI & Motion 20 LPI 10 sheets boxes

You can check our products pages to find the products we are proposing in full pallets. We are not allowed to break a pallet in a custom warehouse, this is why we are proposing a new solution supplying small quantities from Dublin (or from our customers). We could experience that, for a large part of our small quantities customers, the transport is cheaper and faster than from Austria. Our customers are very happy with this!

See here some reactions we received recently:

IT: “Thanks, the package has successfully reached us.
DE: “Thank you very much, the parcel arrived Friday – very fast!
PL: “Thank you very much for outstanding level of the service!
IR: “We’ve received the pallet, many thanks for your efforts… and I’m very thankful of you for this. The packing was very good and safe, so the lenses are all fine. We look forward to starting a successful business on Lenticular printing.

Large Format: The 3D 28 LPI UV-MF3D 20 LPI UV-LF and Motion 20 LPI UV-LF are available from our Dublin warehouse in 10 sheets boxes, smaller quantities and different sizes are proposed.

The Large Format 40 LPI VLF sheets in size 122 x 182 cm is also available in small quantities at a very attractive price. We invite you to contact us using this form.


Crystal Clear Mount Double Side Adhesive Film :
pH-neutral, high final adhesion, excellent cohesion
and ageing resistance including long term
performance, weathering and UV-resistance.Click here for more information

The support is a transparent 12µ PET film, total thickness 0,07 mm (with liner on on both sides).Crystal Clear Mount Double Side Adhesive Filmorder

Width: 122 – 112 – 77.5 – 72 – 43 – 33 – 26 – 11 cm

Available per meter or 50m roll

FOR BEGINNERS: we are proposing a

Digital Starter Pack


Digital Starter Pack
3 sheets 3D 20 LPI UV-LF 61 x 60 cm

3 sheets NEW Motion 20 LPI UV-LF 61 x 60 cm

3 sheets 3D 28 LPI UV-MF 30,5 x 45 cm

3 sheets 40 LPI Lenstar 50,8 x 71,1 cm

3 sheets 3D-50LPI Lenstar 50,8 x 71,1 cm

3 sheets 50 LPI-Motion Lenstar 50,8 x 71,1 cm

As you can see, we added the new Motion 20 LPI UV-LF

a good way to start lenticular with your digital printer for just 139.50 € + shipping (from Dublin)    order

Indicative transport prices for Great Britain : 12.45 €

Germany, Belgium : 14.29 €

Austria,  France, Luxemburg,  Spain, Portugal, Netherlands : 15.55 €

Denmark, Italy : 17.49 €

Norway, Romania, Finland, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland : 21.90 €

Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia: 42.92 €

Bulgaria : 50.42 €

Please note that these transport prices are subject to change.


You’ll find QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS about lenticular by clicking here.

Please fill in this form to order or if you need a quote.

If you need a product or a size that is not listed, just let us know. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need other products.

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