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Technical information about our lenticular products:

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About Ecolens resin

About Lenstar Plus resin

Lenticular sheets in lenticular small quantities

Lenticular plastic Custom sheet sizes

Safety regulations: All our Lenstar PlusTM  and EcoLens lenticular products, sheets and rolls, are produced with the highest quality resin and are in accordance with the last EU regulations (EN71-3, 2005/84/EC, REACH, food safety…)

3D 20 LPI UV-LF digital large format lenticular sheet3D 28 LPI UV-MF lenticular sheetOur large format sheets are extruded in Europe using a special PETG/UV resin.

PETG allows :

Excellent transparency and surface brightness.
High impact strength and resistance to breakage.
Excellent chemical resistance.
Good fire performance.

About the 3D 20 LPI UV-LF:

3D 20 LPI UV-LF MPA_NRW_230008435-3_Fire Classification

3D 20 LPI UV-LF and 3D 28 LPI UV-MF Properties


3D 28 LPI UV-MF Classification of reaction to fire in accordance with NF EN 13501-1+A1 : 2013

MicroFlex Ultra Thin Lens Array for labels and security ptinting

MicroFlex Reach analyse 2015 + DIN EN 71-9/-10/-11

MicroFlex Product Sheet

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