LENSTAR® Plus resin



LENSTAR®Plus lenticular resin specially designed for offset printing will offer superior product performance over other products being  currently used in the industry.

LENSTAR®Plus represents a polymer technology the printers can use to achieve their sustainable goals. LENSTAR®Plus carries the #1 resin identification code, which can be used to drive sustainable practices.

I need lenticular sheets

LENSTAR®Plus Material properties and benefits
High Optical Clarity
BPA and Chlorine free
Fully recyclable – code 1
Great print receptivity and press stability
Designed for ease of cutting and finishing
Great impact resistance
High natural dyne level and long shelf life
Meats REACH and ECHA requirements
40 LPI Lenstar complies with fire regulation


Lenstar Plus Lenticular resin Comparison

I need lenticular sheets

See the difference : comparison betwen Lenstar and Apet

I need lenticular sheets

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