Lenticular software

lenticular software

We have noticed that more and more printers are using specific lenticular software applications as well as scripting in Photoshop.

Lenticular imaging can be managed effectively using existing graphic software applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. It is possible to interlace using only Photoshop or by employing the procedure described on this page.

As we don’t sell lenticular software ourselves, this site is designed to provide you with a choice of lenticular software providers focusing on professional applications.

need lenticular software

Before buying lenticular software, we recommend that you read about the technology itself or better, order our onsite training, so that you can understand best what the requirements are for your market and applications.

Note: we believe that support is very important when choosing a lenticular software package.

More information is provided by the software producers on our lenticular software website .

need lenticular software

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