Lenstar 40LPI lenticular sheet used for Spiderman poster

lenticular spidermanOur VLF 40LPI Lenstar™ sheet is 838 micron thick and has a 49 degrees viewing angle.

We can supply the following sheet sizes:

– 711 x 508mm lenticules parallel to 711 or 508mm

– 711 x 1016mm lenticules parallel to 711 or 1016mm

VLF 1219 x 1828 mm available in Europe : 300 sheets pallets and also small quantities.

See the specifications on our 40LPI lenticular sheet product page.

Our 40LPI sheets can also produce wonderful 3D and / or animated pictures when printed with an inkjet flatbed printer like during Graphispag 2009 and Grafitalia 2009.

First tests printed in France

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