Montier Nature Photo Festival

A truly unique event in Europe for wildlife and nature photography!Festival Photo Nature Montier-en-Der

Organized by “l’Association pour le Festival de la Photo Animalière et de Nature (AFPAN « l’Or Vert »)”, the 19th Montier Photo Festival took place on 19, 20, 21 and 22 November 2015 in Montier-en-Der (Haute-Marne / Champagne Ardenne). It was the event not to be missed for nature & wildlife photography enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals. Despite of the special context (and the bad weather), more than 37000 visitors were present!

This year, the visitors could also discover an exhibition called “Lenticulaire en Der”, the idea is to allow the photographers to evaluate the possibilities of lenticular photography. Many were surprized to see the lenticular images !

Lenticulaire en Der

On Daniel Pierret’s initiative, 3 photographers were exhibiting within the framework of the project ” Lenticular in Der ” : Henri Clément (France), Giovanni Remigi (Ireland) and ThreeD Makers ( Italy). All are fascinated by 3D imaging and the possibilities offered by lenticular imaging which allows the creation of a 3Dimensional image without the need for 3D glasses. There were also “motion” images, showing several moments of nature in 1 image (the seasons, the tides…).

3D Focus staking Macro Photography by Giovanni Remigi

Italian photographer Giovanni Remigi reveals the secrets to creating dramatic, exciting 3D images of insects in his current work: 3D focus staking in Montier-en-Der, France.  Giovanni was featuring images of his 3D work that can be viewed without 3D glasses.

Born in Italy, Giovanni is one of the few artists who takes pictures in 3D. He graduated from the University of Padua in 2001 with a Master’s degree in Computer Science. He moved to Dublin in 2005 where he has been experimenting with digital photography and where he quickly developed a passion for studio portraits.
green beatle focus staking

In the search for his own personal style, he decided to combine his engineering and photographic skills to create something different. He started writing software, designing electronic circuits and building mechanical devices and in 2010 he succeeded producing his first 3D autostereoscopic portrait.

Since then, all his photographic work has been focused on autostereoscopic 3D pictures, three-dimensional images that can be seen without special glasses or lighting conditions.

His 3D work with insects is intentionally very minimalistic and the complexity of each subject is displayed in scientific detail and beauty.

Lenticulaire en Der 500


Lenticulaire en Der

Henri Clément during one of the conferences

Henri Clement

Henri Clement is a professional advertising photographer, and since 1995 he specialized in the creation of lenticular images. “I prepare the photo sh© Henri Clementoots in my  studio, and I handle in-house the digital post-production, printing, and mounting. In 2001, I created mycompany “L’Imbricateur” fully dedicated to lenticular images, and also broaden my activities to all the possible image sources –drawings, illustrations, 3D computer graphics, video caps – that can be brought into lenticular images.”

In 2005, he conceived the installation of a dedicated tool comprising a motorized rail that allows him to take high speed shots. Since then he has continued to perfect his personal work taking an interest in portraits and live models. Since 2007, he is organizing regular exhibitions to showcase his personal photographic creations in 3D.

Henri also organizes regular training sessions for lenticular techniques. He lives and works in Paris and in Brittany.

Lenticulaire en Der

ThreeD Makers

ThreeDMakers is a team of professionals working on the third dimension of the image, with an artistic eye.  They are a mix of photographers, graphics and especially curious people. All of them are experimentation and innovation lovers.
© ThreeDMakers

The first approach to the Natural world was made by looking where the human eye usually can’t. This makes the viewer curious and lead her/him to a deepening of the subject, entering a new dimension.

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