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drupa 2016 : DIP-ping into Lenticular Print at drupa innovation parkDP Lenticular @ drupa 2016

DP Lenticular was, once again, exhibiting in the drupa innovation park 2016, together with Pacur and LENSTAR®Plus and EcoLensand also showing Forward Optics MicroFlex™ and MicroLux™ products.

At drupa 2016, DP Lenticular was also partnering with KBA for live demos to the offset market. Show stopping prints were produced on the new half format press using LENSTAR®Plus 75 LPI lenticular sheets. The LENSTAR®Plus lenticular sheet is a PACUR product created specifically for direct lens printing that provides unsurpassed characteristics in brightness, toughness, clarity, notch resistance and cutability.

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drupa 2016 innovation park interview: Daniel Pierret, CEO, DP Lenticular Ltd:


LLPA @ drupa innovation park 2016


MicroFlex Wine LabelDeveloped specifically for the brand authentication, security, philatelic and other high-end flexible label markets, MicroFlex™ labels attracted a great level of interest at the show. Produced by Forward Optics (U.S.A) MicroFlex™ is a unique ultra-thin lens array film and the first ever label of this thickness to produce eye-catching depth, dimension, and motion effects. This unique substrate contains a micro-optical lens array on the surface magnifying graphic elements imbedded in the second surface printing. Unlike traditional lenticular material which is too stiff for most labeling applications, MicroFlex is a patent pending blend of a biaxial oriented polypropylene base layer (for press stability) and cast polypropylene (for flexibility).

Click here for more information about MicroFlex™.

DP Lenticular @ drupa innovation park 2016

As the sole producer of large format lenses made in Europe, DP Lenticular also placed the spotlight on its last product: 3D 28 LPI UV-MF . With a thickness of 2.15 mm and a viewing angle of 37°, it is the perfect match for three-dimensional lenticular applications printed on medium format digital systems. It joins the large format 3D 20 LPI UV-LF. Both are extruded in Europe with PETG-UV resin making them ideal for indoor use such as airports, subways, railway stations and outdoor use such as bus shelters. Extruded with a specially developed UV protection resin to preserve colors, PETG-UV offers a much better transparency than other resins.
This lens design does not exist anywhere else in the world and its development is in direct response to a gap we spotted in the medium to large format flatbed market.

3D 28 LPI UV-MF lenticular sheet3D 20 LPI UV-LF digital large format lenticular sheet



At the show, DP Lenticular also staged the third edition of the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award (LLPA) supported by drupa. Created to highlight technical processing options, and showing entries from all over teh World, the Awards Ceremony was held on June 2 at 5pm in drupa innovation park

Lenstar Lenticular Print Award 2016

LLPA @ drupa innovation park 2016

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