Microflex lenticular rolls

MicroFlex Ultra Thin Lens Array for labels and security ptinting


We often get asked: “do you have a flexible product for label printing?MicroFlex Ultra Thin Lens Array for labels and security ptinting So we decided to identify the the market requirements:

  • in terms of thickness
  • in terms of resin
  • in terms of recyclability

And we found the answer by the name of Microflex™. MicroFlex™ is a unique new Ultra Thin Lens Array film developed by Forward Optics, Inc (USA). This new technology was designed exclusively for the brand authentication and security printing markets and protected by US Pat. No. 6,856,462B1 and patents pending.  The product allows a wide variety of dynamic effects including;

  • moiré,
  • depth,
  • hidden images,
  • motion effects


Microflex ultra thin lenticular

MicroFlex™ is a 6 mil = 152 micron polypropylene film (PP), with a continuous lens array embossed onto one surface and gloss printable surface on the opposite surface. The product is press stable, press friendly and environmentally 100% recyclable. The next evolution of the product will be only 5 mil = 125 micron thick. The thinnest press stable lens array material on the market…

        MicroFlex™ Markets: • Brand Authentication • Anti-Counterfeit/Overt Security Markets • Philatelic • Ultra Thin Decoder • Tax Stamps • Flexible label

Product specifications  MicroFlex Ultra Thin Lens Array for labels and security ptinting
Lens design MicroFlex™
Pitch Pitch count of 240 lenses per inch
Thickness / Gauge 152µ
Stock roll size width 280mm (11 inches) or 330mm (13 inches)
Maximum roll width 1220 mm (48 inches)
Length 1300m
Core 150mm (6 inches)
Gross weight  50 Kg
Small Quantities not available
Recycleability Recycle Code: 05 PP 100% recyclable clear polypropylene
Standard stock pallet four-way entry
Surface tension – Dyne Level: 40 – 46 dynes/cm. sq.
Material: Proprietary Patent Pending Polypropylene film structure
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