50 LPI HD/Motion lens

The new 50 LPI HD/Motion lens provides you with the perfect solution for multiple frame animations.
And if you are wondering whether the 50 LPI-M is also suitable for 3D pictures, we can confirm that we have seen excellent 3D pictures (including portraits) printed on this lens.

Small quantities can be ordered from for testing purposes.

This product is available in the small 52-sheet size (Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52 UV, KBA Metronic Genius 52 UV, …) so that there is no need for sheet cutting.

Product specifications – 50 LPI HD / Motion lenticular sheet
Lens design 50 LPI LENSTAR HD / MOTION
Viewing angle 54 degrees
49.95 (dependent upon output device)
Gauge 610µ nominal
Stock size 711 x 508mm or 508 x 711mm
lenticules parallel to 508 or 711 dimension more information
Quantity 1000 sheets per pallet or small quantities
Stock size “52” 330 x 508mm or 508 x 330mm
lenticules parallel to 508 or 330 dimension more information
Quantity 2000 sheets per pallet
Gross weight 320 kg
Gross size 76 x 55 x 83 cm
Stock size “B1”
1016 x 711 or 711 x 1016mm
lenticules parallel to 711 or 1016 dimension more information
Quantity 1000 sheets per pallet
Gross weight 530 kg
Gross size 106 x 76 x 83 cm
Custom sheet
limit sizes
Small Quantities
Small Quantities page
Specifications DPL, PTM
Embossed lenticules parallel to machine direction
Standard stock pallet four-way entry
Surface tension that of natural resin 40 DYNES min. No coating needed.
Regulations click here for more detail
Manufacturing ISO 9001:2008 Certified


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