Very Large Format 40LPI lenticular sheet printed in France

First prints in France with our VLF 40LPI lenticular sheet on offset press KBA 205 UV.

Stephane Luka, Vincent Despierre and Henri Clement

Stephane Luka, Vincent Despierre and Henri Clement showing the printed sheet.

Stephane Lézier

Stephane Lézier near one of the printing plates.

migration and pitch test on the 40LPI lenticular plastic sheet

Henri Clement explains how to use the migration and pitch test.
Explications concernant l’utilisation du migration + pitch test.
See the specifications on our 40LPI lenticular sheet product page or click here to order small quantities.

Don’t forget that our 40LPI sheets can also produce wonderful 3D and / or animated pictures when printed with an inkjet flatbed printer like during Graphispag 2009 and Grafitalia 2009.

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