Film Adhesif double face

Adhesif double face – Crystal Clear Mount Double Side Adhesive Film


Product Description:

Premium Mounting Tape with excellent clarity and transparency.

For the permanent, self-adhesive lamination of even surfaces. Very easy to process, provides excellent adhesion to almost all materials like lenticular and other plastics.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor application. Especially suitable for mounting of photographic papers application which is needed to finalize laminated lenticular images. Our Crystal Clear Mount Double Side Adhesive Film is used by photographers to laminate their print to our lenses and by offset printers to laminate their proofs.

Crystal Clear Mount Double Side Adhesive Film

DP Lenticular sells adhesive films to customers buying lenticular sheets.

Available Sizes:

per 50 m roll or per meter  width
  122 cm
  112 cm
  77.5 cm
  72 cm
  43 cm
  33 cm
  26 cm
  11 cm

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Product structure:

Support PET film, 12 µm, transparent
Liner on both sides PET-film, 30µm, transparent
Adhesive pure polyacrylic , permanent, transparent, pH neutral, Solvent free
Total Thickness 0,07 mm = 70µm
Adhesive weight 60 g/m²
Core 7,5 cm = 3″

Characteristics :

  Average Value Test Method
Adhesion on steel: (after 20 min.) 8 N / 25mm AFERA 5001
Adhesion on steel: (after 24 h) 11 N / 25mm AFERA 5001
Application temperature: min. 10°C  
End-Use Temperature range: from -40°C to +150°C  
Shelf life: 2 years  
Durability: 1 year  

The estimated durability is based on accelerated ageing tests and refers to a vertical exposure under middle European climates. The durability of the product depends on the substrate’s preparation, the atmospheric conditions and the environmental influence. Exposure to extreme conditions (tropical climate, high humidity, high UV-light exposure or polluted areas) can decrease the durability in a dramatically way.

These products are subjected to a strict quality control by our supplier QM-System, which is in accordance with ISO/TS 16949, DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001. The information is based on our present knowledge and our experience. Because of the large number of possible influences during the processing and application of this product, this information does not release the user from the obligation to conduct his own tests and trials. Users of our products are responsible for observing any patent rights that may exist and for following existing regulations. Our applications technology section is always pleased to give advice about suitability tests on original materials.
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