133 LPI sheets

133 LPI Lenticular sheets

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With a thickness of only 254 microns, the 133 LPI lenticular sheet is the thinnest lens design we propose for sheet-fed today.

The 133 LPI lenticular sheet is perfectly matching the resolution of modern CTP equipment.

This lens design is adapted to the needs of the label and packaging industry, where very thin plastic sheeting is often required (images inserted in boxes…). We could see new applications with this lens like magazine covers but also business cards
Because of its high pitch, we recommend this product only for highly experienced printers, as it requires a more exact registration.


Product specifications – 133 LPI lenticular sheet
Lens design 133 LPI  APET
Viewing angle 49 degrees
Pitch Checker range
(dependent on your CTP device)
Thickness / Gauge 254µ
Stock size 711 x 508mm or 508 x 711mm
(lenticules parallel to 508mm or to 711mm dimension) more information
Quantity 2000 sheets per pallet
Gross weight 250 kg
Gross size 77 x 57 x 55 cm
Small Quantities
not available in Small Quantities
Embossed lenticules parallel to machine direction
Surface tension that of natural resin 42 DYNES min. No coating needed.
Regulations REACH, DIN EN 71-9/-10/-11, Food Safety, FDA (compliance with 21CFR 177.1315 and 21CFR 174) click here for more detail
Resin APET  recyclable class 1
Manufacturing ISO 9001/2008 Certified


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