Biodegradable vs recyclable plastics

Biodegradable vs recyclable plastics – which is better for the environment? Global plastic production to reach 600 million tons by 2030

You can read here an interesting article published in the Packman on .

About lenticular production, there is no biodegradable plastic that can replace PETG qualities today. We also take into account the fact that lenticular is not a single-use plastic and is, for many people, a collectible if not an ART piece

On the other hand, using recycled plastics brings a risk of damaging the cylinders we need to extrude lenticular.

This is why we decided, with our partner/supplier PACUR, to propose Lenstar Plus “eco extruded using 50% post-industrial recycled resin.

75 LPI Lenstar Eco with 50% recycled resin


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