Biodegradable vs recyclable plastics

Biodegradable vs recyclable plastics – which is better for the environment? Global plastic production to reach 600 million tons by 2030

You can read here an interesting article published in the Packman on .

The negative image of plastics is mainly due to plastic waste, especially packaging waste. Yet plastics are in themselves an excellent packaging material. For example, they are lightweight, food-compatible, inexpensive, and can be shaped into a wide variety of forms. The industry is working flat out on the recyclability and circular economy of plastic packaging.

About lenticular production, there is no biodegradable plastic that can replace polymer qualities today. We also take into account the fact that lenticular is not a single-use plastic and is, for many people, a collectible if not an ART piece

On the other hand, using recycled plastics brings a risk of damaging the cylinders we need to extrude lenticular.

This is why we are proposing the 75 LPI PET-GAG ‘eco’ 407µ. Less plastic for a similar effect.

75 LPI PET-GAG 'eco'


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