40 LPI PETG – VLF lenticular sheets

The VLF size will be back in stock this summer.

The 40 LPI PETG VLF lenticular sheet is not available today.  This is still a consequence of Pacur’s decision to leave the lenticular market.  But things are improving as a new production is coming in the sheet size 1219 x 1828 mm (also called VLF for Very Large Format) allowing small as high-volume productions of posters in larger sizes with 3D or flip effects, bringing several possibilities to the large format market. The thickness of 838µ makes it a price-affordable lens for many applications, also it allows you to roll the sheet after printing!

The new lens, developed together with Forward Optics in the USA, will be similar to the one we proposed in the past.

40 LPI lenstar®Plus lenticular sheet

Our 40LPI PETG VLF lenticular sheet can be used with grand format offset and several flatbed inkjet presses, including Canon-Océ Arizona, FujiFilm Acuity, Agfa, Durst, Mimaki, SwissQPrint, HP, Inca, Zenith, Jetrix, EFI, … See our flatbed information page.

Classification of reaction to fire in accordance with NF EN 13501-1+A1 : 2013B– s2,d0


Also in our news section:

40LPI lenticular sheet used for Spiderman poster

Very Large Format 40 LPI lenticular sheet printed in France

Our 40 LPI lenticular sheet also permits the production of animated pictures using seconds of HDTV images (120 frames at 4800 DPI !!).

The 40 LPI lenticular sheets are available in small quantities from our shop (min. 10 sheets).  Order here

Product specifications – 40 LPI lenticular sheet
Lens design 40 LPI PETG  lenticular sheet VLF
Viewing angle 49 degrees
Pitch Checker range
39.85 – 40.16 LPI  (dependent upon output device)
Thickness / Gauge 838µ nominal
Stock size “VLF” 1219 x 1828 mm (lenticules parallel to 1828 mm dimension)
Quantity 300 sheets per pallet or from 10 sheets from our small quantities page  Order here
Gross weight 740 kg
Gross size 126 x 186 x 45 cm
Custom sheet
for limit sizes click here
Small Quantities
see small quantities page or Order here
Specifications DPL, PTM
Embossed lenticules parallel to the machine direction
Standard stock pallet four-way entry (two-way for the VLF size)
Surface tension that of natural resin 40 DYNES min. No coating is needed.
Regulations REACH, DIN EN 71-9/-10/-11, Food Safety, FDA (compliance with 21CFR 177.1315 and 21CFR 174) click here for more detail
Reaction to fire Classification of reaction to fire in accordance with NF EN 13501-1+A1 : 2013B– s2,d0
Resin PETG
Manufacturing ISO 9001/2008 Certified

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