75 LPI Lenstar

75 LPI LENSTAR®Plus Lenticular sheets


75 LPI lenticular sheet

This was the past…


Considering the fact that Pacur decided to stop lenticular productions, we are happy to propose the 75 LPI PET GAG  produced in Europe.

Click here to know more about the 75 LPI PET GAG.

For this reason, the 75 LPI PETG or APET would become a custom order as we won’t keep this in our regular stock.

Product specifications – 75 LPI lenticular sheet
Viewing angle 49 degrees
Pitch Checker range 75.40 – 75.65  (dependent upon output device)
Thickness / Gauge 457µ
Stock size “B2” 711 x 508mm or 508 x 711mm
lenticules parallel to 508 or 711 dimension click here for more  information
Quantity 1500 sheets per pallet or small quantities
Stock size “52”
355 x 508mm or 508 x 355mm
lenticules parallel to 508 or 355 dimension click here for more  information
Quantity 3000 sheets per pallet
Gross weight 316 kg
Gross size 76 x 55 x 83 cm
Stock size “B1” 711 x 1016mm lenticules parallel to 1016 dimension
Quantity 1500 sheets per pallet
Gross weight 630 kg
Gross size 76 x 115 x 83 cm
Custom sheet
for limit sizes click here
Small Quantities
see our Small Quantities page
Specifications DPL, PTM
Embossed lenticules parallel to machine direction
Standard stock pallet four-way entry
Surface tension that of natural resin 40 DYNES min. No coating needed.
Regulations REACH, DIN EN 71-9/-10/-11, Food Safety, FDA (compliance with 21CFR 177.1315 and 21CFR 174) click here for more detail
Resin LENSTAR®Plus
Manufacturing ISO 9001:2015 Certified


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