75 LPI PET-GAG ‘eco’

75 LPI  PET-GAG ‘eco’

The 75 LPI lenticular sheet is the worldwide standard lenticular lens. It is equally effective at delivering both Depth/3D and animation effects.

Today we are proposing the 75 LPI PET-GAG ‘eco’ extruded in Europe.


75 LPI PET-GAG 'eco'

Using a unique lenticular design and a special coextrusion PET-GAG, the 75 Lpi PET-GAG ‘eco’ – 407 microns, 51 microns thinner than the standard 75 LPI (457µ). PET-GAG is a coextrusion of APET and PETG, this lenticular material offers optimum processing.

Made in EU !

This enables us to retain the advantages of both APET and PETG resin in a thinner sheet. 

It replaces the previous 75 LPI products that were made by Pacur. 

The sheet size is also a little bit bigger than in the past (520x720mm) and we know that the printers are happy with that!

75 LPI PET-GAG ‘eco’ increases your sustainability, in that it creates excellent effects utilizing lighter-weight plastics as well as EUproduced materials. The best for European printers!
There is absolutely no difference in terms of ink adherence or 3D or animation effect.


75 LPI PET-GAG 'eco' lenticular sheet in the printing press

75 LPI PET-GAG ‘eco’ lenticular sheet can be printed on almost all the offset printing presses and is a recyclable material (class 7).
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Product specifications – 75 LPI PET-GAG ‘eco’
Lens design 75 LPI PET-GAG ‘eco’
Viewing angle 49 degrees
Pitch Checker range 75.40 – 75.65  (dependent upon output device)
Thickness / Gauge 407µ
Stock size “B2” 720 x 520mm or 520 x 720mm
lenticules parallel to 520 or 720 dimension click here for more  information
Quantity 1600 sheets per pallet or less from our small quantities stock 

Click here if you want to order a small quantity (from 30 sheets)

Stock size “52”
not available 
Gross weight 315 kg
Gross size 80cm x 60cm x 80cm 
Custom sheet
Small Quantities
Order here
Specifications DPL,
Embossed lenticules parallel to machine direction
Standard stock pallet four-way entry
Surface tension that of natural resin 40 DYNES min. No coating needed.
Regulations REACH, DIN EN 71-9/-10/-11, Food Safety, FDA (compliance with 21CFR 177.1315 and 21CFR 174) click here for more detail
Resin 75 LPI PET-GAG ‘eco’ is a coextrusion of APET and PETG
Manufacturing in Europe

75 LPI PET-GAG 'eco' lenticular sheet

75 LPI Lenstar Lite Elliptical lenticular sheet in the printing press


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