Our thoughts and prays are going to the people affected by the COVID19

and all the people who dedicate their lives to caring for others.

Last update 03 December

During the lockdown, DP Lenticular was working normally but from home…  

Pacur was working nonstop but mainly producing face shields. New lenticular productions are shipped to Europe normally.


Our partners in Ireland, Barcelona and Belgium are non-stop operational (during the difficult lockdown times).

This means that we continue to keep the same stock level and we continue to deliver.

As you imagine transport is (like always) an important issue. As we remind regularly, please note that we cannot be responsible for any damage or unforeseen delays that may occur.

Across Europe lockdown measures are being lifted and transport is going back to normal, however still with reduced volumes. 

There are problems in Calais and delays for shipments to UK.


We have moved our stock to Ziegler in Brussels.

If you are organizing transport from our partner Ziegler warehouse, please make sure your forwarder is knows the collection referenve as mentioned in the email we send you with the details.  Also, we were informed that :

  • All warehouse employees will wear gloves.
  • Drivers receptions desk: disposal gloves are foreseen
  • Plexiglas is installed at driver desks to make the opening smaller
  • Truck drivers are having limited access in the sites.


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