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How to start printing on lenticular sheets

The information on this page is very important and results from more than 20 years experience in lenticular sheets printing. You might find similar information (copied) on other sites but you’ll be happy to read the original…


The choice of the inks will depend on your drying system; ideally a UV curing system using high quality UV inks is the best method for printing lenticular sheets. Links to some ink suppliers can be found on our links page.

The second step would be to create a new specific color curve to print with high lines screening. Lenticular printing requires high lines screening (about 400LPI) so you will need to create a specific color curve to match the right colors when printing on lenticular sheets.

Printing on lenticular sheets -printing first tests on an offset press

You will also need to put some hard blankets in the press. Links to some of the blanket suppliers can be found on our  links page.

An overview of the different types of lenticulars and sheet sizes can be found on our products page.

New customers usually start with 75LPI lenticular sheets. You can start with a small quantity of sheets or with a full pallet. We propose to start with simple test files that you can download from our website. These tests will allow you to gain experience.

lenticular Print pressure test © DPLenticular

lenticular Print pressure test © DPLenticular

An important element in printing is the pressure: we call it “kiss printing”. The “Print pressure test” will help you to determine the optimal pressure.

The second test will be the pitch test (see prepress process).

pitch test plate in the offset press ©DP Lenticular

Once these first tests are completed, you can call lenticular prepress specialists to prepare the images for you or ask for our training program.

We also propose you some information about lenticular software :

I need lenticular software


We experienced that many printers needed additional help as they do not print lenticular every day and this is why we are proposing to call a lenticular prepress specialist to prepare the images.


You’ll find QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS about lenticular by clicking here.

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