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Technical support

Getting you up and running as fast and smoothly as possible is one of our main objectives. So before starting production, or even training, we provide you with a first test service. This allows operators to adjust the print pressure on the offset press and print the lenticular sheets correctly. This test will also ensure you that no further adjustments will be necessary to achieve a good result. This service is offered to our (new) offset printers/customers. Even the more experienced printers can sometimes benefit from such a test.

3D Products SRL – DP Lenticular is promoting the idea of outsourcing the creation of images.

We understand that some printers, as they don’t print lenticular every day, are facing some issues to increase the quality.  We believe that relying on the experience and the creativity of specialists is a good way to increase your chances to produce the best quality images.

You’ll find some links to lenticular imaging/prepress specialists on our links page.

We can also propose our on-site training session.

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More practical questions are answered on the “start printing” page.

We always answer our customer’s questions and try to help them to increase the quality as this is what the market needs.

Commercial support

Our Imaging gallery attracts advertisers and demonstrates lenticular work from several different countries, with direct links to the originating printers. Don’t hesitate to send us your own samples (if there is no issue with the image property).

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We regularly receive inquiries that we automatically refer to the print providers servicing their customers with high-quality lenticular sheets.

We are happy to come over and show your sales team how important lenticular print can be for your business, particularly in the present period where the demand for 3D imaging is growing everywhere.


You’ll find QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS about lenticular by clicking here.

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