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Conditioning lenticular materials and storage conditions

PRE-PRINT Conditioning lenticular materials As with all plastic materials it is very important to make sure your lenticular plastic is ‘factory conditioned’ before going to press. This applies equally to both the offset and digital print processes. Although all our lenticular materials are stored in a heated warehouse they can spend several days in transit […]

New: lenticular in stock in Dubai

DP Lenticular now has material in stock in Dubai. This will allow fast delivery but also an interesting price advantage as the material is already in Dubai. This means that there is no transport to pay from Antwerp or from the USA ! Today we have the following material in stock in Dubai Jebel Ali […]

Who we are

DP Lenticular Ltd is the only European company dedicated solely to the promotion and sales of LENSTAR®Plus and EcoLens® lenticular sheets and roll stock. We also help the printers to achieve good results thanks to our experience in DP Lenticular Ltd offers customers more than 20 years of experience working with the highest quality lenticular lens available. Today DP […]

Safety regulations

Safety regulations All our LENSTAR®Plus lenticular products, sheets and rolls, are produced with the highest quality resin and are in accordance with the last EU safety regulations (DIN EN 71-9/-10/-11, REACH, ECHA, food safety…) Here are the last test results and information documents for LENSTAR® PLUS lenticular : PRIS Pacur Lenstar®2021 + REACH 1907/2006/EG Plus  Pacur Lenstar® Plus Reach Information 07/2019 […]


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