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About dplenticular

We distribute Lenstar lenticular sheets and rollstock for the graphic industry. Our plastic products allow production of 3D images and also animation prints.

Lenticular products

Discover our plastic sheets designed specifically for the litho offset and the digital printing and allowing to print 3D images and animation-flips

Lenticular imaging process

See how our high-resolution lenticular imaging process helps create multi-imaging visual effects, such 3-Dimensionality and flips/animation

Lenticular imaging

View samples of lenticular 3Dimension and motion images (cards and posters…) provided by professionals using Lenstar and Ecolens products


Lenticular printing is one of the various processes achievable in UV printing. IST METZ produces UV drying systems for all common printing presses and techniques. Their product range also includes infrared and warm air drying units. The components and systems are individually adapted to the different types of machine. As a supplier of systems and […]

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