Shipping & transportation

container from Pacur with Lenstar lenticular sheets

What is the cost of transport?

The cost of transport of lenticular plastic skids depends on your location and quantity being sent.

As previously explained, the skids are not stackable during transport. This has an impact on the prices.

We’ll be happy to forward you a quote.

Can I organize the transport of the lenticular sheets myself?

Of course, this is possible. Your driver will need to come to our warehouse with the “collection reference” to be able to pick up the goods.
ATTENTION: it is very important to remind your forwarder that our pallets are not stackable!
We can’t be responsible for any damage if the skids were stacked during transport.

do_no_stack lenticular palets

After delivery, we would kindly ask you to forward us a copy of the signed CMR for the VAT administration.

What should we do if the skids are damaged during transport?

The first thing to do (and this is very important) is to mention the damages IMMEDIATELY on the transport document. Under CMR rules, you have only 8 days to inform the forwarder about possible damages.

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