20 Great Years !

20 Great Years !
DP Lenticular is now 20 years old. During this time we have imported and supplied more than 60 million lenticular sheets manufactured in the USA.  Today, a large part of our products is made in Europe.

We have also designed and produced large-format sheets in Europe supporting European manufacturing.
We have been honored to work alongside many of the best printing companies in the world developing and supporting the very highest quality lenticular printing market.

None of this would have been possible without our most important partners – our customers!
We thank you all for your continued support.

Special thanks must also go to our training partners throughout this time.  As a result of all these efforts we now supply the sheets all around EMEA and large format sheets also in Asia and in the USA.

Thanks also to all our great suppliers and partners: extruders, logistics, transport, accountancy and legal,..

Here’s looking forward to the next 20 years!

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Biodegradable vs recyclable plastics

Biodegradable vs recyclable plastics – which is better for the environment? Global plastic production to reach 600 million tons by 2030

You can read here an interesting article published in the Packman on .

The negative image of plastics is mainly due to plastic waste, especially packaging waste. Yet plastics are in themselves an excellent packaging material. For example, they are lightweight, food-compatible, inexpensive, and can be shaped into a wide variety of forms. The industry is working flat out on the recyclability and circular economy of plastic packaging.

About lenticular production, there is no biodegradable plastic that can replace polymer qualities today. We also take into account the fact that lenticular is not a single-use plastic and is, for many people, a collectible if not an ART piece

On the other hand, using recycled plastics brings a risk of damaging the cylinders we need to extrude lenticular.

This is why we are proposing the 75 LPI PET-GAG ‘eco’ 407µ. Less plastic for a similar effect.

75 LPI PET-GAG 'eco'



Our thoughts and prays are going to the people affected by the COVID19

and all the people who dedicate their lives to caring for others.

Last update 15 December


Our partners in Belgium are non-stop operational.

As you imagine transport is (like always) an important issue, particularly in the Holidays period. As we remind you regularly, please note that we cannot be responsible for any damage or unforeseen delays that may occur.


We have moved our stock to Ziegler.

If you are organizing transport from our partner Ziegler warehouse, please make sure your forwarder knows the collection reference as mentioned in the email we send you with the details.  Also, we were informed that :

  • All warehouse employees will wear gloves.
  • Drivers receptions desk: disposal gloves are foreseen
  • Plexiglas is installed at driver desks to make the opening smaller
  • Truck drivers are having limited access in the sites.


Label Expo Europe Brussels 2019

MicroFlex™ Lens Array Film at LabelExpo Europe 2019

September 2019 : For the first time, DP Lenticular was exhibiting at Label Expo 2019 in Brussels Expo

visitors could discover the last news about MicroFlex™ rolls

designed for the brand authentication and security printing,

Live MicroFlex lenticular printing at MPS

The new MicroFlex™ lenticular rolls are produced using PP resin and have now been made thinner (around 100 microns), making them the thinnest press stable lens array material available on the market today.

DP Lenticular @ UV Days 2019

Great success for the UV DAYS 2019 !

DP Lenticular @ UV Days 2019 : a great opportunity to introduce a new product !

From 13 to 16 May 2019, the world’s largest in-house exhibition for optical systems took place for the 9th time in Nürtingen near Stuttgart in southern Germany.
Under the motto “Tradition meets modernity”, organiser and world market leader IST Metz  welcomed more than 1300 visitors and 55 exhibitors from 46 countries !

See here the video that IST has published:

DP Lenticular @ UV Days

 DP Lenticular took advantage of this event to show samples printed on the new 75 LPI Lenstar® ‘eco’.

75 LPI Lenstar® ‘eco’ has been developed to help printers achieve their sustainable goals. It is specially designed for offset printing and offers superior product performance.

UV is the best drying solution for lenticular offset,  flexo and digital printers. Since 2005, DP Lenticular is happy to exhibit in Nürtingen and we look forward to meet with you once again !


DP Lenticular wants to thank all the visitors and also IST Metz for the successful organisation.  See you next time !



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