How to make the best lens choice?

How to make the best lens choice?


It will depend of the 3 following key elements:
the effect
the image size
the viewing distance


for flip – A4 to poster size – short viewing distance: 50 LPI-M –Motion HD

for flip or “3D&flip” – medium to large format – long viewing distance: 40 LPI Very Large Format

for 3D or “fast” flip up to A4 size – short viewing distance: the 60 LPI APET

for 3D – A4 to poster size – short viewing distance: 3D-50LPI

for 3D – medium format – medium viewing distance: 3D 28 LPI UV-MF  (not available actually).

for 3D – large format – long viewing distance: 3D 20 LPI PETG-LF

for Motion pictures – medium to large format: Motion 20 LPI PETG-LF

If you’d like to compare, you can order a STARTER PACK just clicking here.

If you are using a flatbed printer, (because of the dot volume), we would not recommend more than 50 LPI for optimal quality.

Click here to see our Lenticular Depth Calculator!

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