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3D for all and for all usages
15 years ago, not many people thought that 3DTV screens without glasses would be launched, and even less thought about touchscreen tablets or phones…Yet, here they are, and all these displays bring an actual added value to Marketing, public relations, as well as to other professions that adopt the image technologies for more efficiency in their jobs : medicine, design, security… It is the same position for the augmented reality and the holographic or tactile applications. All these technologies can reinvent our everyday life and our way of communicating& Visit Dimension 3 to discover all these new images and the professional applications they can offer !

The 5th edition of Dimension 3, the international forum on S3D and new images, will be held from May 24 to 26, 2011, in La Plaine Saint-Denis, right outside Paris.This year, more than ever, Dimension 3 is the must-attend event for all those looking for insight into the future of images…Dimension 3 is becoming Europe’s most important international event on stereoscopic 3D and  new images (the 2010 edition was attended by over 3,500 professionals from some forty countries). A place for exchanges, synergies and experiences, the Forum gathers professional communities from all horizons: designers, producers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, broadcasters as well as researchers and international content creators all come together to share their experiences and consider future development strategies in the field of new images.The 2011 edition will more specifically focus on the perspectives and production tools for a number of markets: cinema, television, video games, communication, telecoms, and applied visualization techniques (industry, medicine, security…).As 2010 was the year where S3D took off in the industrial field, Dimension 3 2011 will offer a European place to reflect on the future of images through:   several series of conferences  (Issues tackled include uses and professions, applications, augmented reality…), keynotes (with international experts talking about their experiences or analyses on the market of new images), an overview of the latest solutions for the image production chain, from filming to screening, through Dimension 3 expo, a number of  professional workshops, a shooting zone (where S3D cameras are showcased). D3Découverte, a new area dedicated to prosumers, will present a wide range of applications in context (including store of the future and tomorrow’s classroom, that show how images can be used in immersive and interactive applications). D3Découverte will also open its doors to young talents, with the  Young Talents’Wall (a platform where graduates can meet employers), a “Cluster” area dedicated to the region’s creative industries…Also an international showcase for S3D contents and new images, the Forum has been offering since last year an international competition, Dimension 3 Festival, dedicated to S3D contents in all their incredible diversity (60 films from all 5 continents in 2010), with a dedicated area on D3Découverte for projections of the initial selection of films: “Dimension 3 reaffirms its ambition to offer a networking platform, by gathering together professionals who offer new tools, products or services and those who are looking for solutions or new practices in the field of images, from creation to visualization. Efforts should be made to avoid trivialization and give creation a prestigious image: content creators must be given a prominent place within this area”, explains Stephan Faudeux, the Forum’s general manager, discussing the Festival.


• About 50 conferences and workshops over the course of 3 days with a hundred international experts from all backgrounds (researchers, developers, producers, creators, engineers, technicians, directors…) invited to the Forum. Issues tackled include new 3D solutions for filming and TV broadcasting, augmented reality, marketing applications for new images…

• A special day dedicated to augmented reality!

• Exhibition areas: Dimension 3 expo > a professional area where manufacturers, publishers, service providers and producers offer demonstrations of products in context. 2 Halls to discover S3D in all dimensions.

This year, Dimension 3 expo is welcoming about sixty exhibitors (including DP Lenticular) with products specifically dedicated to professionnals working on the image from conception to visualization. Besides this 21 527 sqt hall dedicated to services and products for the S3D images field, the Forum will opens its dors to a new area : D3 Découverte. D3 Découverte will be a learning area for professionnals looking for applications, new uses, products and services related to the next génération of images and visualization technologies with two scenographic areas : Tomorrow’s class and the S3D Home Cinema. D3 Découverte is also welcoming an auditorium. Every morning, this auditorium will screen a selection of films in competition for Dimension 3 Festival and a selection of international programs (with the partnership of SD&A – Standard Display and Applications – USA – www.stereoscopic.org and with the support of the Lightspeed Design company – www.lightspeeddesign.com) Dimension 3 expo and D3 Découverte areas : free access with an online subscription

D3Découverte > a demonstration stage allowing to present the latest professional innovations to prosumers • An international competition, Dimension 3 Festival, featuring an award ceremony filmed in 3D (on May 24th) with prizes and “Dimmy’s” trophies to win! Pre-selected films will be screened in an auditorium on D3Découverte, on May 25 and 26.

• An international Campus: The training session on “Mastering S3D, from filming to screening” will be held from May 30 to June 3, 2011, just after the Forum; it has received support from the EU’s MEDIA programme.   This outstanding training session  has been developed to teach the technological, artistic and financial aspects of stereoscopic 3D.    In 2010, the Campus had gathered trainees from America, Europe and Asia.

Lenstar Lenticular Print AwardAnd of course the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award !

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