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Which lenticular software should I use to produce lenticular 3D and animation images?

lenticular software

This is an important question although we don’t believe that software is the first thing you need to produce lenticular imaging.

As you can read on our website, we don’t sell software as there are many possibilities depending of your computers (PC or Mac), of your needs, and your budget.need lenticular software

If you are looking for lenticular software, you’ll find interesting links on the following website:


We think the most important is to understand the process.

lenticular technologyTo help you to understand the lenticular process you’ll find our “Technology” and “lenticular prepress” pages

Our software page is providing links to lenticular software providers focusing on some professional applications.

I am looking for an importer of lenticular films in my country.

DP Lenticular is selling Lenticular all over Europe, Middle East and Africa, please contact us, we’ll be pleased to forward you the contact details of the person who is in charge for your area.

The rates of the lenticular lenses and the way that you could help us in running our lenticular printing project as we are UV offset printers.

As can be seen on our website, we are supplying lenticular sheets to the offset printers but we can also bring technical and commercial support.

Technical support: before starting productions and even training we propose to test the press to be sure there is no adjustment necessary to achieve a good result. Second step is an organisation of an on site training, mostly 2 days.We know by experience that you’ll be able to print after these two days. Of course it’s impossible to manage all the prepress questions in 2 days but you’ll be able to decide which software you will buy or ask someone to prepare the files for you.

Commercial support: we have an imaging page on our website where we attract the advertisers, showing lenticular work from many different countries and with a direct link to the printers who produced these images. We also receive inquiries that we automatically refer to the printers working with us.

We are the only supplier on this market that is 100% dedicated to the lenticular business and we keep not less than 15 different lens designs in stock. We are forwarding our pricelists exclusively to offset printers.

Could you supply us lenticular sheets with a custom thickness?

This should be analyised. The lenticular sheet is an optical lens with a thickness that is corresponding its focal point. We are delivering sheets that are in focus, it ‘s the most important. When the lens is thinner than the normal focal point it would normally not be a problem to print animation pictures.

We require horizontal lines in the lenticular sheets.

We can supply this, of course.

Each of our offset lens design can be delivered with lenticules parallel to the short or the long edge (grippers). The large format sheets have a maximum width of 122 cm.

See more information on this page

What are the different sheets & roll types that you provide ?

DPLenticular Ltd sells lenticular sheets and rolls in the following ranges: 75 LPI, 62 LPI, 60 LPI, 3D-100 LPI, 50 LPI-M, 40 LPI and 3D-50LPI lenticular sheets and 100 LPI , 150 LPI and MicroFlex 310 LPI lenticular rolls (for narrow flexographic and web printing).

Here you will find our complete  product range.

Can we cut the lenticular sheets half before printing?

Yes you can cut it but, first of all, you should use minimum pressure on the guillotine.

Make sure you keep the sheets in the same order from the guillotine as they are on the stack – this is the order it was made in.

When its cut you should use the uncut edges for registration on the press not the edges you have trimmed. Run through one stack first then the other stack don’t mix them!

If you are using a “52” size press, please remember that we can offer sheets in the right size so that you won’t need to cut the sheets anymore. More information on our products pages.

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