And the nominees are…

The jury deliberation for the LENSTAR LENTICULAR PRINT AWARD 2016 took place on 19 May and went extremely well thanks to the enthusiastic engagement of each member of the jury.

The composition of the jury enabled balanced discussions and debates on the items that were submitted for this 3rd edition of the LENSTAR LENTICULAR PRINT AWARD.

Indeed, half of the jury members can be considered as leading experts in the lenticular process (from creation to production), while the other half of the jury are experts in the fields of design and communication, be this artistic or purely commercial with a solid background in advertising, from brand image to retail marketing.

And 100% of the jury members all agreed on an obvious statement: the lenticular process dramatically enhances the communication potential compared with traditional 2 dimensional print.

LLPA Special Jury Award

In this sense, the LLPA 2016 is a great talent-spotter which celebrates innovations that connect with this era of digital communication and social media.

This edition revealed some prime examples of such success stories, which is why (incidentally) the jury unanimously decided it wanted a new category: the LLPA 2016 Special Jury Award.

Looking at the increased quality of the material we have seen this year, we are very much inspired to continue and we already have some great plans and ideas for the next edition! But let’s not be hasty…

In the meantime and for your information, you can discover the nominees by clicking on the following link: Lenstar Lenticular Print Award 2016 Results.

Supreme Public Preference AwardIf you plan on visiting drupa, come and discover the actual finalists’ artworks, which will be on exhibit on the LLPA 2016 “Wall of Fame” located in Hall 7.0, opposite DP Lenticular’s stand 7.0 F09. You will also have the opportunity of voting to elect the winner for the LENSTAR LENTICULAR PRINT AWARD 2016  “Supreme Public Preference Award”.


And you are of course cordially invited to join us during the LLPA 2016 Award Ceremony that will be held at the drupa Innovation Park, Hall 7 on 2 June at 5pm at the “dip stage”.

To discover the nominees of LENSTAR LENTICULAR PRINT AWARD 2016 2016, join us at the drupa innovation park:

Hall 7.0, in front of the stand 7.0 F09 of DP Lenticular

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