Art through 3D Photography in Corsini Palace, Rome

ThreeDMakers, in cooperation with the National Gallery of Ancient Art of Corsini Palace, is pleased to present the latest breakthrough in visual communication resulted from its research and development project of the last years.

3D in Corsini

Quality Lab and Lover, joined as ThreeDMakers, collaborated in a research plan to realize high quality 3D lenticular photography.

Today they are showing a great range of pictures of ancient art pieces.ThreeDMakers & Corsini Palace

Thanks to lenticular 3D imaging, more people around the world can enjoy art and archaeological finds.

An unprecedented visual experience!

The “3D in Corsini” event and exhibition will be the first of its kind ever realized!

Art through 3D photography will be shown in an unprecedented exhibition from 29th April to 18th May.

Another good reason to visit Rome… “Roma caput 3D mundi”

ThreeDMakers & Corsini PalaceThreeDMakers & Corsini PalaceThreeDMakers & Corsini Palace

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