New lens design: 3D 28 LPI UV-MF

The DP Lenticular Team is very excited to announce a new product in our portfolio!3D 28 LPI UV-MF lenticular sheet
We considered that there was a gap between 3D 20 LPI and 40 LPI sheets so we decided to create a new lens design.
The new lens design is a 3D 28 LPI UV-MF.

3D as it’s designed for 3 dimensional images with a viewing angle of 37° like our 3D 20 LPI UV-LF.
28 LPI as this lens design does not exist anywhere in the World (we don’t copy what others do!). The pitch is about 28.28-28.30 LPI.
UV as it is produced in PETG-UV like the 3D 20 LPI UV-LF. PETG-UV allows to use the product indoor and outdoor !
MF for Medium Format as we recommend this lens for smaller image sizes like 1m or 1.2 meter high.
– Thickness is 2.15mm
– Like our 3D 20 LPI UV-LF, the new lens is produced in Europe.


New 3D 28 LPI UV-MF

Interesting to keep in mind: the 3D 28 LPI UV-MF lpi has been chosen because it displays exactly half the depth of our 3D 20 LPI UV-LF. This means that if you are perfectly satisfied with an A1 print on the 3D 28 LPI UV-MF material, you can print straightforward on the 3D 20 LPI UV-LF at twice the size (so 119 x 168 cm) and get exactly the same sharp/blurr balance. And of course, if you have a perfect 3D 20 LPI UV-LF print, you can print straightforward the same file at exactly half the size on the 3D 28 LPI UV-MF.

The new 3D 28 LPI UV-MF will be proposed in the following sizes:

– 32 x 40 cm
– 61 x 100 cm
– 90 x 120 cm
– 122 x 100 cm
– 122 x 120 cm
– 122 x 180 cm

We can match the best size you need !

The new lens is available from our Belgian warehouse.

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